Posting Ads

- How to post an ad

Follow these simple steps to post your ad:

+ Click on "Post Your Ad" 

+ Complete the information about your item (category, pictures, title, description) and your contact information.

+ Click Publish

+ You are almost done! Your ad will be available very soon. We will send you an email informing you when the ad is Published.

+ It is very important to add good quality pictures, a great title and description. You can find more tips to create a great ad in our section "Tips to create a great ad"


*If you posted an ad without registering, you will receive an email that will require you to validate your ad. 

- Posting rules

Some things are just non-negotiable. These rules are some of them:

+ Real Estate ads should have at least 4 photos with the 1st being the front image of the building.

+ Photos shouldn’t have any watermarks.

+ All items and services must be available in Kenya.

+ All items and products considered to be illegal are prohibited.

+ All ads must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.

+ All items must be posted separately, except for sets.

+ Ads must have clear and factual descriptions. In the end, you’re trying to sell something.

+ Ads that link to third party websites in aren't allowed e.g including website links in adverts ain't cool.

+ Duplicated adverts aren’t cool, Or allowed.

+ Ads looking for friendship, relationships or donations aren’t allowed either. There are other websites for things like that.

- Items not allowed

Please note that the following items are prohibited on OLX

+ Duplicated adverts - Posting of duplicates or similar items more than once on the site is prohibited and my lead to closure of your account. 

+ Firearms and ammunition - Weapons that require a permit or legal authorization are not permitted

+ Illegal/Pirated copies - Copies, duplicates or "backup copies" of software or audiovisual items, including memory cards or other storage devices. e.g DVDs, CDs and books

+ Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking related products

+ Fireworks and derivatives

+ Alcoholic beverages

+ All forms of medications

+ Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing

+ Animals considered to be endangered under any local or international laws

+ Affiliate Programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships

+ Human organs

+ Ads from minors

+ Replicas and counterfeits

+ Money Transactions - Ads or services offering the exchange(either online or otherwise) of any legal tender.

+ Tarot Services Horoscopes and / or Voodoo (Black magic)

+ Natural products that claim to cure diseases.

+ Digital goods e.g. vouchers in electronic form

+ Coupons, vouchers and credit cards

+ Equipment for games of chance e.g Lottery tickets,Raffles,Betting Online Services

+ Explicit or adult content or services

+ Ads seeking for donations or help.

+ “Selfies” and images that have no relation to the posted item or service.

+ Academic writing and assignments

+ Ads of Used Underwear

+ Ads selling tusks, rhino horns or items made of ivory

+ Pepper Spray

+ Pornographic content e,g Adult / pornographic DVD's / Blue Movies/magazines

+ Any items or products with any racial, sexual or religious discrimination

+ Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin - SALE OR PURCHASE

+ Job search by a minor under 18 years of age.

+ Escort Jobs and nudity modelling jobs

+ Wild animal eggs.

- How long will ads appear on the site?

+ All ads remain on the site for 60 days before it automatically gets deleted.

+ The seller also has the option of deleting the ad from the dashboard or via email after the product or service has been sold.

+ If you have not sold your item after 60 days; you can repost it with more detailed information regarding the product or service, better image(s) and a fair price( you can compare your item with similar items posted on the site.  

- Tips to create a great ad

+ A great title will sell your item: Type the name,m ake and brand of the item.(Like 21 Inch LG LED TV, Clean Toyota Corolla, New Samsung 6 Edge, HP Compaq Presario Laptop)  Avoid characters (like *, ±, $ # ^), and Using ALL CAPS.

+ Clear actual photos of the item being put up for sale. Upload at least four clear photos of the item. 

+ Give a good clear and sufficient description of your ad and let potential buyers get a clear description of the product.

+ The price must be right. Do not overprice or underprice your product. Compare similar products posted on the site in order to come up with a fair price.

- How do I contact the seller?

You can contact a seller advertising an item with the number provided besides the advert or by sending them a direct message or chat.

+ The seller will receive your message and will respond by calling or through the message they received.  

- Can users see my personal info?

+ Your email address will not be shared.

+ Users can only see the following personal info

- Contact name - This is the name you want to show in your ads iyt can be your name or business name.

- Phone number - It's important so users can contact you

- Street Neighborhood 


Managing Ads

- Where can I find my ad?

Once your ad has been approved and posted, you will get a notification via email stating that your ad is live on the site.

+ To view your ads you have to login to your account.

+ In case your ad is rejected, it may have violated our posting rules. You will also get an email  giving a reason for the rejection with a link to edit your ad or repost your advert. .

+ You can keep track of your ads by logging in to your account and click on My Ads. Here you will see the status of your ads i.e pending,approved, Inactive or moderated, with options to edit and deactivate them.

- How to edit my ad?

+ Users have the option of editing their ads after it has been published on the site or if the advert has been moderated. 

+ Simply log into your account if you have one and select the ads you would like to edit. Alternatively you can edit your ad without having to log in simply by opening the email connected to your ad and there you will find a link tha let's you edit your ad.

- How to republish my ad?

+ You can republish your ad from the email we sent you after you created the ad

+ You may also republish an ad from your account

- How to delete my ad 

+ You can delete your ad from the email we sent you after you created the ad

+ You may also delete an ad from your account by visiting the listings page and clicking on the delete button below wach ad

- How to edit my contact information?

Please follow these steps to edit your contact information

+ Log into your account here Login

+ Click on my profile link, then change your details, when done click save your details will be recorded.  

- How to share my ads on social media sites?

+ In order to share you ad on social media, simply visit the item page of your ad and scroll to the bottom where you will find various social media icons. Click on the appropriate icon to begin sharing your ad. Alternatively, you can share you ad from your account using similar social icons.

- Cannot find my ads

+ In the case your ad was rejected, we will send you an email with the reason of the rejection, and a link to edit it.

+ If you ad has been on the site for more that 60 days it probably is already deleted. Please create another ad.

+ If you still cannot fin your ad in the search, please make sure that your search is in the correct spelling and category.



- How to contact the seller?

+ So, you found something that you can't resist or you need it urgently  Here’s how to make a contact once you found what you’re looking for.

+ Click on the ad that has interested you.

+ Besides the ad you will see the sellers contact details. You can contact them by phone, or by private message/chat

+ Type the message and click send the seller will receive your email and respond.

- I have a problem with messages

+ Please note that before your message is sent, you are required to complete a recaptcah query to verify that you are not a robot.

+ If you still experince difficulties with sending and receiving messages, please send us an email here Contact Us

- Where can I find the messages I sent or received?

 + Most of the time, we will send you an email with relevant details to actions that you carry out on the site. Your email may be the first place you look for sent and received messages.

+ If you are already registered to the site, please login here and navigate to the messages tab to view your messages.



- Do I need to register to use the site?

+ Registering an account with us is not mandatory, however in order to create a safe environment for both the buyer and the seller, we recommend that you do create an account here Register

+ You can post an ad for free without the need for registering an account by going here Post An Ad

- Manage my account

+ You can manage your account by signing in here Login

- I cannot access my account

+ If you cannot access your account because it was deactivated, please check your inbox for an email from us explaining the reasons for deactivation. You may request for reactivation after rectification of the errors stated.

+ Please ensure that you are using the correct username/email and password while trying to sign in.

+ If you have forgotten your password, go here Reset Password to reset your password.



- Tips for a safe transaction

+ Always meet the seller in person and transfer cash only when you are sure that the product is in conformity with the description placed in the advertisement. Never transfer money in advance in promise of delivery.

+ Always verify the item before and after purchase of the item.

+ Aviation Kenya does not provide any mechanisms for payment and does not protect payments made by users.

+ Pay attention! You are responsible for the actions taken by you.

+ Remember! Never send money to seller account, do not hand over money or dispatch fee for an item. If the seller insists you that he will send item only after you posted the payment on his account - unsubscribe from this ad and look at the other sellers.

To the Buyers

Real Estate Category

+ Do not send cash for deposit in promise that the house will e reserved for you. Make sure you have seen the house first and are comfortable to make payment.

+ Never make any rush transactions. Any seller who is prompting you to make rush decisions are not genuine

+ If the seller tells you that he/she has a partner (a wife or husband) who is on the ground, just know that they are not genuine.


+ Purchasing or leasing an aircraft can become very complicated and fast. You should comnsult the relevant aviation authority and it is advaisable to seek legal help with matters of ownership transfer and registration etc. If an aircraft is registered in Kenya, you will probably need to consult KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) on the matter.

+ Do not complete any transaction before you have viewed the aircraft.

+ Do not offer cash, always carry out bank transactions with items in this category.


+ If the seller asks you for cash for fuel in promise of delivering the car, know that the user is not genuine and do not fall for the trap.

+ If the seller asks you for commitment fee in promise of delivery of the car , know that the user is not genuine.


+ If the employer asks for registration fee or cash to secure the job, that employer is not genuine. A genuine employer will not ask you for any cash in promise of a job.

+ If the employer asks you for cash to secure a training venue, that employer is not genuine and do not fall for the trap

Other Items

+ Always check and verify the gadget you want to buy to make sure it matches the description on site before and after making the payment.

+ Do not send cash in form of delivery fee/ deposit in promise that the item will be delivered.

+ Make payment after you are satisfied with the item you want to buy.

+ Watch out for fake aviation items. If you don't know how to differentiate, have someone who does accompany you to the seller.

 To the Sellers

+ Always meet the buyer in an area you are comfortable with.

+ Cash payment is the most efficient mode of payment- Avoid Cheques/ M-Pesa transactions especially if you are dealing with the buyer for the first time. 

+ It's advisable to have a friend/ relative accompany you as you go to meet the buyer.

+ Do not allow yourself to make rush transactions. Remember if the deal is too good, think twice!

+ If you come across suspicious email from abroad purporting to send money to your account, just ignore them. Avoid shipping your item(s) abroad, local transactions are safer and more convenient.

- I want to report a fraud

 + Incase you come across an ad that is higly suspicious on our side, go to the ad page and on the right hand side you will see a select field with the options to mark the ad as spam, misclassified, duplicated, expired or offensive and we will attend to id immediately.

- How to avoid fraud

For buyers, pay extra attention when:

+ The product has a suspiciously low price.

+ The seller asks for an advance payment/fee.

+ The seller gives a different location from the one provided in the ad.

+ The seller cannot meet in a public place but insists on delivering the item.

+ The seller requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number etc or other information that could be misused).

+ The ad appears too good to be true - the price is way low compared to the value of the item.

For sellers, pay extra attention when:

+ The buyer insists on paying via Cheque, Western union or MoneyGram.

+ The buyer insists on receiving the item before paying for it.

+ The buyer requests for personal information (bank details, email address, debit/credit card number etc or other information that could be misused).

+ The buyer is located in a foreign country.


About Us

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+ Every day thousands of people in the local aviation market use to find and sell a wide range of aviation products and services ranging from aircraft, vehicles, electronics, aviation services, real estate, jobs, parts and accessories, aviation supplies, trainings and many more.

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